Join advantage


1、Product Planning: a well-known elite R&D team of men's wear brands has joined us, and we have cooperated with well-known domestic men's wear design agencies with multiple domestic design awards, to sharpen the competitive edge of our products.
2、Product Supply: strong production capacity and scientific production management, as well as high-quality and sufficient resources, to ensure that franchisees will get maximized profits.
3、Risk Assessment: the location a store plays an important role for the success of a distributor. Based on its professional experience, we will give specific proposals to the investors who plan to join us concerning the issue of retailing location according to the specific place, the customer flow, the environment, and the development prospects of a shop, so that the franchisees may refer to the above information in making their decisions.
4、Terminal Support: we provide unified store image, decoration, and necessary props for displaying products; the company has a strong sales teams, as well as strong support of promotional materials and promotional programs; we also provide our franchisees and their staff with regular training in specialized areas or occasional tour trainings.
5、Brand Promotion: all-year-round advertising at CCTV and local televisions; holding high-end events to attract investments.
6、Brand Advantage: independent intellectual property rights protection, good reputation in the industry, and high recognition by the trade.
7、Operation Protection: exclusive sale, strict preventive measures and implementation power for out-zone sales, to ensure the interests of our franchisees.
8、Joining Way: flexible operation modes such as joint ventures, franchising, and delegated management, and so on.

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