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Ji Yunshi 2005, 2006, led a delegation to visit Tianjin Party Secretary Bai Kemi...

2000, the company was ranked as the leading company in the apparel industry of Hebei Province. 2005, the company took a big leap forward, ranking the 64th in the industry of the country; at the same time, “Quanjinghua” brand was awarded “Hebei Famous Brand”. 2006, the company obtained CQGC certificate, and was awarded “Chinese Famous Brand” by the Light Product Quality Assurance Center of China; it was also rated as a provincial level good credit enterprise identified by 14 departments of Hebei provincial government. The unremitting efforts of Jinhai people received appreciation and strong support by leaders at all levels. Governor Mr. Ji Yunshi (in 2005) and Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Bai Keming (in 2006) led delegations to visit Jinhai Group, and offered us with guidance and proposals. 2008, the company was rated as one of the top ten leading enterprises of China's business wear industry. With the opening of the Hebei branch of the Business Wear Industry Association of China, Chairman Xue Zhenhai was elected as the first-session chairman of the Hebei branch of the Business Wear Industry Association of China. 2009, the company ranked No. 56 among the top 100 of China’s apparel industry.

The industry believes that four major trends show clothing

Baoding Jinhai Clothing Co., Ltd. has had the total assets of RMB 900,000 and the net assets of RMB 800,000 up to December 31st, 2014.

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1995, “No. 1 Hebei Province Famous Brand”; in the same year, the company was rated as “Hebei Province Famous Trademark Enterprise”; 1996, the company was rated as the first group of members of the apparel industry by China National Garment Association, and chairman Xue Zhenhai was selected as vice president of the Garment Association of Hebei Province, the city's CPPCC, and director of China Garment Association.   1997, the products were rated as “National Excellent Products” by China Garment Association, and Chinese Clothing Quality Control Center;    1998, The “Quanjinghua” and “Aoquan” suits were rated as “China High-quality Famous Brands”; 2000, the company won the honor of “Top 100 Enterprises in National Garment Industry”, and was rated as an “AA Credit Unit”; it also passed the certification of GB/Tl9001-2000idtISO9001: 2000.  
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